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Zhao, T., Alder, N.N., Starkweather, A.R., Chen, M.H., Matson, A.P., Xu, W., Balsbaugh, J.L., and Cong, X. (2022) Associations of mitochondrial function, stress, and neurodevelopmental outcomes in early life: a systematic review. Developmental Neuroscience 44: 438-454

Mitchell, W., Tamucci, J.D., Ng, E.L., Liu, S., Birk, A.V., Szeto, H.H., May, E.R., Alexandrescu, A.T., and Alder, N.N. (2022) Structure-activity relationships of mitochondria-targeted pharmacological compounds. Elife 11:e75531

Iovine, J.C., Claypool, S.M., and Alder, N.N. (2021) Mitochondrial compartmentalization: emerging themes in structure and function. Trends in Biochemical Sciences 46: 902-917

Zhang, H., Alder, N.N., Wang, W., Szeto, H., Marcinek, D.J., and Rabinovitch, P.S. (2020) Reduction of elevated proton leak rejuvenates mitochondria in the aged cardiomyocyte. Elife 9:e60827

Mitchell, W., Ng, E.A., Tamucci, J.D., Boyd, K.J., Sathappa, M., Coscia, A., Pan, M., Han, X., Eddy, H.A., May, E.R., Szeto, H.H., and Alder, N.N. (2020) The mitochondria-targeted peptide SS-31 binds lipid bilayers and modulates surface electrostatics as a key component of its mechanism of action. Journal of Biological Chemistry 295: 7452


Alder Lab News

  • New Grant from the NIA
    The Alder Research Group has received an R01 grant the National Institute of Aging (R01AG065879, “First-in-class Peptide Therapeutics for Mitochondrial Disorders: Molecular Mechanism of Action and Optimization of Design”). This is a five-year grant in the amount of $2.5M to support the development and analysis of therapeutic compounds for aging-related mitochondrial disorders.
  • New Grant from the Barth Syndrome Foundation
    We have received a $50K grant from the Barth Syndrome Foundation, “Development of Mitochondria-Targeted Peptide Compounds as Barth Syndrome Therapeutics. This work will explore a library of compound variants optimized as therapeutics for treating dysfunctional lipid biogenesis of Barth Syndrome patients.
  • New Grant from NIGMS
    The Alder Group has received an R01 grant from NIH General Medical Sciences (R01GM136975 , “Mitochondrial Membrane Compartmentalization”) for $774K over two years. This is a multi-PI grant with the group of Dr. Steven Claypool from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.
  • New PhD Graduate
    PhD candidate Melissa Brundin has completed her dissertation “Investigation of the Protein-Membrane Interactions of the Tim23 Channel Subunit” and did a remarkable job at her defense. Congratulations, soon-to-be Dr. Brundin!


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