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Bae, M., Lee, Y., Park, Y.K., Shin, D.G., Joshi, P., Hong, S.H., Alder, N., Koo, S.I., and Lee, J.Y. (2019) Astaxanthin attenuates the increase in mitochondrial respiration during the activation of hepatic stellate cells. Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry 71: 82

Calzada, E., Avery, E., Sam, P.N., Modak, A., Wang, C., McCaffery, J.M., Han, X., Alder, N.N., and Claypool, S.M. (2019) Phosphatidylethanolamine made in the inner mitochondrial membrane is essential for yeast cytochrome bc1 complex function. Nature Communications 10: 1432

Alder, N.N. (2019) Fluorescence spectroscopy and its applications in analyzing biomolecular processes. In: Biomolecular and Bioanalytical Techniques: Theory, Methodology and Applications

Alder Lab News

  • New PhD Graduate
    PhD candidate Melissa Brundin has completed her dissertation “Investigation of the Protein-Membrane Interactions of the Tim23 Channel Subunit” and did a remarkable job at her defense. Congratulations, soon-to-be Dr. Brundin!
  • New PhD Candidate
    Wayne Mitchell passed his qualifying exam and is now an official PhD candidate. Congratulations, Wayne!
  • New PhD Graduate
    Sally Chamberland is a newly-minted PhD from the Alder Lab. Congratulations, Dr. Chamberland!

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